Manage Nurseries

BMS 3.0 Manuals

Overview of Nursery Manager

The nursery manager is a tool for designing nurseries. The nursery manager adds nurseries to the program database and provides the basis for developing field maps and labels to assist planting. Create data collection workseets in a variety of formats, including digital recording and barcode scanning, and import back to the database directly.

Create Nursery

Launch Nursery Manager from the left side menu. Select Add a New Nursery.

Enter the basic details of the nursery. Start with a blank nursery or retrieve nursery information from a previous nursery. Once the nursery has a name and description, the nursery details can be saved.

Select nursery settings.

  • Management details
  • Germplasm descriptions
  • Nursery conditions
  • Traits
  • Selection Criterion
  • Breeding Method for Advance

In this nursery no nursery conditions are specified. Plants will be described with field notes. Selections will be described by number of plants selected. The breeding method, single plant selection, has been chosen.

Assign Germplasm & Checks

Select the Germplasm & Checks tab to browse or import nursery lists and checks.

Specify the details of check positions.

Save Nursery

Once germplasm and checks are saved to the nursery, field layout and labels can be designed. Data collection sheets are also available for printing or for download to a handheld data logger.  Any changes to the germplasm or checks at this point will over write the associated nursery design elements.


Nursery Management

After a nursery has been saved with germplasm, the Actions button reveals a dropdown menu of nursery management tasks.

Export Nursery Book

Select Export Nursery, and choose export format and data collection order from the dropdown menus.

Export Formats

  • Excel
  • Data Kapture
  • Fieldlog/Fieldriod
  • KSU Fieldbook CSV
  • KSU Fieldbook Excel
  • R

Data Collection Orders

  • Row/Column
  • Serpentine – Along Rows
  • Serpentine – Along Columns
  • Import Measurements
  • Select data file to import.

Import Selections & Observations

Select data file to import.

The data will load into the BMS. Select Save to upload the data to the BMS database.

Once nursery data is loaded into the database, the associated germplasm and checks become locked.

Advance Nurseries

Select Advance Nursery from the Actions button dropdown menu.

Enter details about the nursery advancement.

Save the Advance List, which in this case is the F2 list.

Update Seed Inventory

Highlight lines of interest for seed inventory and select Update Inventory from the Inventory Actions dropdown menu. Enter the seed inventory details for the selected germplasm.