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Who's the team behind BMS Pro?

What is the Breeding Management System (BMS Pro)?

How can I request a guided tour of functionality (demo)?

Do I have to pay to use BMS Pro?

Can I evaluate the BMS for free before purchasing any licenses?

My trial has expired. What happens now?

What are my options in terms of deploying the BMS?

How often do you release new versions of the BMS?

Where can I get the installers?

Is the BMS able to handle multiple crops, with partially different definitions/configurations?

The crop I am doing research on is not mentioned on your website as a supported crop. Can I still use BMS Pro?

We have historical data stored in different formats (databases, spreadsheets, etc.). Can we easily migrate them to BMS Pro?

Does the client require any installation on the end-users computer or does it run in the browser?

How can I request a quote?

So, what will a quote consist of?

Do I need to register as a user in BMS Pro if I am already registered as member of the IBP community?

I forgot my password to open a session in BMS Pro. How can I retrieve it?

I'm stuck. How can I get help on how to use BMS Pro?

Do you offer any training?

How can I cite the Breeding Management System (BMS Pro) in my work?

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