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Seed Co. Ltd.

Best practices in information management drive commercial success

Seed Co. is growing rapidly, increasing its market share and expanding into new crops, countries and region. It is currently the biggest producer and marketer of certified crop seed in Southern Africa, and aims to become the dominant seed company across Africa. Seed Co’s big ambitions mean that it is crucial for them to make the best possible use of its data and breeding materials. Read more


Building relationships and regional leadership for better plant breeding

ICRISAT uses BMS Pro in all its breeding programs, supporting not only its own users but also facilitating its adoption with many of their partners, and other organizations in South Asia and Africa. Read more


Centrally curated breeding data secures institutional memory & team collaboration

Like many organisations, AfricaRice is faced with an increasing avalanche of data. The turmoil and uprooting of the last decade has also brought to the fore the importance of securing institutional memory and effective collaboration through mechanisms that will facilitate data conservation, access and sharing. Read more

Dr. Ralf Horbach


We were looking for a state-of-the-art field trial software that includes different types of field designs and analysis tools. I heard about BMS Pro from breeder colleagues, and I found it to be very user friendly and easily accessible compared to other products on the market. In fact, it provides a multitude of functions far beyond planning and analysis of field trials. The software package enables uniform data collection, storage and trial analysis for all breeding locations, covering all steps of a commercial breeding program at reasonable costs. As such, we are now using it across the five locations of our hybrid wheat breeding program in Europe (France, Poland, Austria, Germany). I would fully recommend BMS Pro to other breeders!

Cyril Diatta

Sorghum Breeder and Research Assistant, Institut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles (ISRA)

“It used to take me up to 3 months before I could analyse the data I had collected in the field. Now that I am collecting it electronically on a tablet, and able to transfer it directly into the BMS without formatting, I have cut this waiting time down to two hours.”

Paul Gibson

Deputy Director, Makerere University Regional Centre for Crop Improvement

"I have taught and mentored over 150 budding plant breeders from many different countries of sub-Saharan Africa, and through them I’ve been involved in research on 20 food security crops.  In this role, I have had the opportunity to encourage the use of BMS among our students as a practical avenue of digitally collecting data and managing databased information."

Eunice Vasiter Kesiime

PhD student in plant breeding and biotechnology at Makerere University

"I have been using BMS Pro for the last three years, mainly to manage our germplasm lists, nurseries and trials; to generate barcode labels, field plans and field books; and finally to analyze data with Breeding View. We now have it deployed in your cloud environment, which has sorted the issues related to maintaining our own local servers and internet connection.. thank you!"

Dr. Zakaria Kehel

Head of Genetic Resources, Pre-Breeding and Gene Bank, ICARDA

Some of our staff were early adopters of the first versions of the BMS. It is now in use by 26 specialists at ICARDA (breeders, assistants, and technical administrator) to manage the field trial data of 6 crops (barley, chickpea, fava bean, grass pea, lentil, and wheat), and across 21 programs for pre-breeding, breeding, and international nursery trials. BMS Pro enables us to build robust integrated solutions and processing pipelines for analyzing and disseminating our accumulated data. This is especially true considering we had to decentralize our operations after leaving our headquarters in Syria. We needed to standardize, organize and maintain our field experiment data in a central repository, all the while allowing our teams to function from various locations (Morocco, Lebanon and Egypt). BMS Pro offers us this flexibility to collaborate efficiently and exchange information instantly. The most important impact that we are starting to feel is a real gain in time by having the data stored, quality controlled and analyzed or ready to analyze, making for faster selection. In short, this system provides a one-stop solution with a quick view of the big picture. We are particularly pleased with the site admin functionality allowing to create and edit roles and permissions (version 13.0 and beyond).

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