Execute Calculated Variables

BMS 13.0-14.0 Manual

Calculate Variables

Derived variables with BMS specified calulations are highlighted green within the measurements tab. The input variables are visible in the trait summary. (See more on adding Formulas to traits in the Ontology).

  • Select execute calculated variable.

The first row, HM11, contains input data for two derived traits. For example, dry grain yield (kg/plot) can be used with plot size to calculate dry grain yield (t/h) using this formula, ({{GY_DW_kgPlot}}* 1000/{{PlotArea_m2}}).
  • Select the appropriate dataset. Continue.

  • Select the derived variable and instance(s) to execute calculation. All instances are selected by default. Execute.

The calculated value(s) for the derived variable, GY_DW_tha, now populate the observation. Only a single plot had enough data entered to calculate GY_DW_tha. A warning message alerts you to that the other plots have missing data, preventing the calculation.