Cowpea: Advance F1 & Design F2 Nursery

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Shawn YarnesThe Integrated Breeding Platform


This tutorial describes how to:

  • Collect & Import F1 Nursery Data
  • Advance F1 nursery
  • Update Seed Inventory 
  • Design F2 Nursery: using previous nursery as a template

Restore from Previous Tutorial

Screenshots and activities in this tutorial build upon work preformed in previous tutorials. 

  • If you are not following the cowpea tutorials in sequence, restore the Cowpea Tutorial database (.sql) to the end of the previous tutorial to match database contents with current tutorial.
    Restoration File: Restore Cowpea Tutorial 5.0 (.sql)

Collect & Import F1 Nursery Data

  • From the nursery manger, browse to the F1 2010 Nursery. Select Import Measurements to bring in the data “collected” in the field.  


The import file is identical to the file you exported after designing the F1 Nursery, except that the columns for notes and number of plants selected have been filled with field observations.

  • Review the imported data from the measurements tab and select Save to update the database.

*Note: If you do not precisely follow the tutorial sequence, the GID numbers in the pre-formatted input file may not match the GIDs assigned to your nursery.  If you have problems importing the pre-formatted excel file, restore the previous tutorial database and sync the GIDs.

Advance F1 Nursery

  • Select Advance Nursery from the Actions dropdown menu to form the list of the F2 seeds. Deselect Same number of lines selected for each plot, and make sure the selection variate is number of plants selected (NPSEL). Set the harvest location to Ibadan and click Finish.

  • Review the Advance List, and select save. Should say "Click Save Advance List".

  • Save the advance list as UCR2010F2.

Update Seed Inventory

  • Select all 39 entries of F2 germplasm and select Inventory Actions.  Should say "Update Inventory".  Choose a storage location.  Set the scale to Packets and Amount to 1. Save. Packets-weighed is not an option.  It now says Packets-Counted.

Design F2 Nursery

  • Return to the Nursery Manager and select Start a New Nursery.

Basic Details

  • Name the new nursery F2 2010 and give the nursery a description.  Leave the default settings for date, creator and save location. Select the Save button any point after entering basic details to save progress.

Nursery Settings

  • Establish the nursery settings using the previously created F1 2010 nursery as a template.  Once the previous nursery is selected, the details will automatically populate the fields.  I do not see the "Use previously created nursery as a template" option.

Germplasm and Checks

  • Browse for the germplasm list UCR2010F2 and select.

  • The F2 2010 nursery will not include checks, so leave the checks blank. Select Save.

  • The F2 2010 Nursery is now ready for field mapping, label printing, and file export for data collection.

Funding & Acknowledgements

The Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) is jointly funded by: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the European Commission, United Kingdom's Department for International Development, CGIAR, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and the CGIAR Fund Council. Coordinated by the Generation Challenge Program the Integrated Breeding Platform represents a diverse group of partners; including CGIAR Centers, national agricultural research institutes, and universities. 

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