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  • Breeding database & queries
  • Breeding activities
  • Statistical analysis
  • Genotyping data: GDMS
  • Program & user management
  • API
  • Electronic data capture

System requirements

Dual core processor 
SSD hard drive 

Server side:
64-bit Windows 10, or Linux Ubuntu

Client side:
browsers Firefox 20+, Chrome 27+

Breeding database & queries

  • Maintain genetic relationships thanks to a unified germplasm database. Automatic pedigree generation.
  • Control vocabulary for traits, factors, and treatments.
  • Accumulate standardized breeding information for strategic planning and institutional memory.
  • Query across multiple trials for parental selection and product evaluation.
  • Search germplasm and studies by multiple identifiers.
  • Upload historical studies and field observations.
  • Customize crop ontologies and naming conventions. Trait dictionaries available for 30+ crops.
  • Easily export your data to analyze with external applications.
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Breeding activities

  • Add, reserve, and withdraw seed inventory.
  • Manage lists of germplasm to support inventory management, planting, and selections.
  • Manage pedigree and hybrid breeding workflows.
  • Flexible naming and coding of breeding products.
  • Design and record biparental and multiparental crosses.
  • Advance nurseries by selection, bulk, or rapid generation advance methods. 
  • Manage multi-environment evaluation trials.
  • Develop planting maps with randomized field layouts for one or more trial environments: complete block designs, incomplete block designs, row-column designs, augmented designs, p-rep designs.
  • Supports data collection in multiple formats.
  • Produce labels with barcodes.
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Statistical analysis

  • Use Breeding View, developed by VSNi, the makers of GenStat and ASReml, for:
    • Compelling visual pipeline workflow for analyses; 
    • Mixed model single-site phenotypic analysis, with correlation and spacial analysis options;
    • Multi-site (GxE) phenotypic analysis, using traditional stability analysis, AMMI models and correlation modeling, with or without environment groupings;
    • Single-trait single-environment QTL analysis;
    • Graphical and spreadsheet reports of analyses;
  • Export data for analysis by any statistical package.
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Genotyping data: GDMS

  • Store and access low density fingerprinting data (<400K data points). 
  • Store QTL and diagnostic markers.
  • Export to .csv and Flapjack formats.
  • Sample studies and maintain sample lists.
  • Create genotyping order forms.

*Under development. 

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Program & user management

  • Support all your crops in a single server instance and multiple programs within each crops.
  • Access is password protected.
  • Customize program favorites and settings.
  • Track and access all your program activities from the landing page. 
  • Full data control in a multi-user environment: share or restrict your data at different levels across the system with user roles and permissions.
  • Personalize login and dashboard with your own logo.
  • Connect with our support channels directly for contextual help.
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  • BMS Pro works with an open access Breeding API enabling interoperability between plant breeding applications.
  • Developers are welcome to build add-on applications.
  • View our services to see how we can assist you.
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Electronic data capture

BMS Pro can accommodate electronic data capture with a variety of devices, but is particularly optimized for the use of Field Book, an Android application of the PhenoApps collection:

  • Add, modify, view and search field data
  • Collect data in many formats: numeric, percentage, categorical, date, Boolean, text, photo, counter, rust rating, and audio.
  • Transfer data electronically between devices, as well as to and from BMS Pro.
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