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Treatment Factors
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BMS 13.0-14.0 Manual

Define Factor & Levels

Treatment factors, like fertilizer application levels and water regimen, can be used with Randomized Complete Block Designs (see more Study Design) where treatments are randomized among the experimental units. The following example describes a randomized complete block experiment with 2 nitrogen fertilizer treatments, none and 30 kg/hectare.

  • Select Add.

  • Choose a treatment factor property from the ontology drop down menu (See more Manage Ontology).

  • Select the treatment factor. In this case, nitrogen fertilizer.

  • Choose the appropriate treatment label, in this case nitrogen fertilizer treatment number. Enter the number of treatment levels and define the labels for each level.

Review Experimental Design

When the randomized complete block design (see more Study Design) is generated, the two treatment levels are randomized among the experimental units.

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