Breeding Management System v13-14 Tutorials
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BMS 13.0-14.0 Tutorials

    About Tutorials

    The Integrated Breeding Platform has developed two tutorial series to demonstrate how to perform breeding activities using the Breeding Management System. Series 1 follows a maize doubled haploid nursery and Series 2 the creation and management of a maize hybrid performance trial. 

    Access BMS

    A BMS administrator will share a web link with you probably via email.

    • Follow the link to establish a password.

    Set Your Password

    The temporary url link sent to your email, leads to a page where you can set or reset your password.

    • Enter your password twice and select Reset Password. Bookmark or save the url corresponding to the server installation of the BMS for future access.


    • Login to the BMS by  entering username and password. Select Remember Me if you want to automate login from your browser. Select Sign In.

    Forgot Password

    • If you forgot your password, select Can't login?. Enter your username and email. You will receive an email to reset you password.

    Program Overview

    • Select the program of interest to launch. (If you do not see a program contact the administrator that granted you access.)